Emily Engelson

I am a dreamer that stays grounded by doing. Self-motivated and highly persistent, I believe in exploring as much as the world has to offer. I am constantly in search of people to collaborate with and opportunities for new creative endeavors. I look for inspiration and possibility wherever my travels take me.

While the complexity of an adventure appeals to me, so does simplicity. The simplicity of a good day. A breakfast of fresh fruit and a walk to the market through colorful Tel Aviv. Admiring the flowers and graffiti along the way, stopping for a chat with the vegetable man and waving hello to the pizza guy (I like to be friends with the neighbors). I love the simplicity of creating; having the idea and executing it. Sitting for hours listening to an audio book on the sunny balcony, assembling the supplies and draw, cut, fold, make, do.

I value both art and friendship, and find excitement in the endless possibilities both have to offer. I ascribe to the belief that anyone is worth getting to know, and from the wisdom of my grandmother, “Everywhere is beautiful.”