& Xmas Treevolution


Nobody knows for sure how humanity evolved, but one popular opinion states that people grew on trees.

Your challenge is to outsmart evolution. Combine elements to grow trees, and evolve humans before 10,000 BC.

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Created in partnership with Daniel Jacobs

Oma Vintage Buttons


My Oma (Grandma, in German) was a 4 foot 11 inch, spunky, cookie baking, backyard gardener and all around feisty woman who sewed her own clothes.

So naturally, like all good grandmas, she had an extensive button collection.

OMA vintage earrings are original designs created from my bountiful button inheritance.




OurCraft is a 3-month trip based on the idea that surroundings can affect creativity. The goal is to give talented young artists a chance to be inspired by traveling to exotic places, and a framework to meet and collaborate with their peers.



E & H


E & H is an online travel magazine of personal stories and photo essays meant to represent the collective narrative of a traveler.

Founded in partnership with Hannah Engelson


A series of ambitious projects, either self-devised or in partnership.